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Just Saphryn
Just Saphryn

At Jessi's aunt's house in Long Beach, CA. I was completely content after having the best Bloody Mary on Planet Earth.

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My sis Kelly and me in Fukuoka :).

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Gunz 'n Roses
Gunz 'n Roses

Photo with the "hostages" at a 150-person airsoft event in Saga, Japan.

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Just Saphryn
Just Saphryn

At Jessi's aunt's house in Long Beach, CA. I was completely content after having the best Bloody Mary on Planet Earth.

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About Me

Date of Birth
Sun Sign
Blood Type
Sexual Orientation
Saphryn Shikaze
August 26, 1985

"Let him that would move the world first move himself."

- Socrates

Doing is Being

I am a singer, a songwriter, an interaction designer, a french-pressed coffee advocate, and an amateur photo enthusiast. My home is in voice and creativity; I'm happiest when I'm singing or creating something.


A Compass is for the Lost

I love to get lost in new cities, although I don't enjoy getting lost in my own hometown (which happens quite a lot!), and I'm currently working on developing what is called a "sense of direction" ;). Adventure has always been in my blood. I've been to more countries than I can count with two hands, but I can't wait for the day that I spin a globe, point to a random place, and just go.


Love is THE Language

I’ve realized by living in cultural melting pots around the world that people may not always understand your words, but they understand creativity, laughter, and a helping hand. I’ve learned that if you expect things to happen the way they “should,” you’re always gonna be let down. Rather, I strive to make things happen the way they “could.” That opens up a priceless field of opportunity, one in which the power of thought, word, and action truly begin to shape the canvas of one's life. I’ve found that stereotypes are generally skewed and sick but can sometimes come from a cogent source. I've learned that the best criticism can come from those you previously considered enemies. And I’ve also discovered that if a guitarist shows up to rehearsal without a guitar, then it just wasn’t meant to be ;).


Growth is Inescapable

I love the rain and the growth that comes after. As a perfectionist, I find it hard to explore creative territories in which I don't consider myself proficient, but I'm always reminded of how I would have never started doing most of the things I now love doing if I had listened to my fears. When you begin to understand that failure is your best friend, the fears surrounding creativity are disrupted, making way for bravery. This is growth.


Most Truths are Unspoken

I've learned that your room is a mirror of your life, that the way you judge yourself is the way the world will judge you, and that truth doesn’t need a religious defense for it to resonate. I believe that mangoes are orally orgasmic, and that good coffee is much like Franz Kafka’s work – it doesn’t need to be edited! Grande, dark roast, and no room on top, pleeeeez :).


Desires Dictate

Despite the toughest times in life, or should I say “because of them,” one can always find a reason to live. Such reason isn’t the kind that is given to you, but rather the kind that you create and define on your own. It is a worth that comes from the depths of desire, not a value that comes from need. It is this worth that I long to create everyday, through art, through breath, and through these very words you are now reading.


I’m Saphryn, and I’m glad you took the time to read this ;).


Some bumper sticker ideas...

“Asian Driver. Nuff said.”

“Roadkill virgin. Plan to stay that way.”

“Honk if I’m goin’ too fast.”

“Elephants and donkeys have lots in common… they can both be painted GREEN!”